Surgical instruments are important assets to any surgical unit or operating theatre. Instrument quality is key to the smooth running of operating theatres and ensuring patient safety. SIG members provide collective user support and resources on the manufacture and safe use of both reusable and single-use surgical instruments. Individual member companies may also be able to provide guidance on more specialised surgical instruments. The SIG will also continue to engage with purchasing organisations and individual procurement professionals to highlight the importance of surgical instruments and the industry that supports their use. We will ensure that supply chains are fit for purpose, recognising value over the lowest price, and are ethical and fit for the future. We look forward to the next five years with optimism and deeper, broader engagement with our stakeholders. We will strive to ensure that our health and care system receives the quality of surgical instruments that its patients deserve.


Surtex scalpel handles and blades are set apart due to their precision, consistency and reliability. A preferred choice of health care professionals worldwide, the Surtex brand offers a comprehensive range that caters to all surgical disciplines.


Surtex forceps are characterized by their tactile feel and overall balance. At Surtex we realize that our forceps are the extension of the surgeons thumb and forefinger and need to grasp and release with the same sensitivity as real fingertips. Our Master craftsmen with a wealth of experience adjust the spring pressure in order to obtain the tension and feel required to precisely control the instrument without tiring the surgeon's hand. Each aspect of the design for forceps needs to be optimized to ensure perfect handling. The teeth are sharp and durable, shanks designed for feeling balance, handles where required are serrated for perfect grip, spring part is calibrated to offer the surgeon exact fingertip feeling, instrument junction is precision welded, serrations where required are well-defined for superb grip & perfect alignment and tips are well rounded and smooth.


Surtex artery forceps are manufactured by prime-grade surgical stainless steel by master craftsmen with intricate knowledge and focus on surgeon specific needs. The fine serrations of varying lengths and specifications enable the surgeon to perfectly clamp and restrict arteries or tissue, to control the flow of blood. The perfect alignment of the jaws and smooth round edges help deliver perfect results every time.


Surtex sponge forceps are the perfect choice for holding swabs or sponges in medical procedures. Our range is manufactured in box-joint scissor action with ratcheted handles and looped, smooth or serrated jaws, curved or straight to meet your specific purpose. Many surgeons prefer to use Surtex sponge forceps because they help prevent trauma during surgery by enabling the physician to hold and move tissue very precisely and gently.


Surtex Trocars, Suction Instruments and Needles feature a lightweight, low profile and ergonomic design that provide hospitals with a cost effective alternative to disposable trocars. Special focus and precision is used on the tips to help placement by clinicians to minimize the risk of trocar injuries during puncturing and effortlessly enable withdrawal of fluid from the body cavity. In this section you will find a comprehensive range including but not limited to suction tubes, hypodermic needles, vessel irrigation cannulas, special needles and guide needles.


Surtex Laryngoscopes are designed and manufactured to make intubation simple, convenient and as safe as possible. The outcome is a broad product range featuring innovative design, performance, quality and overall value.


Surtex offers an entire range of instruments for effortless wound closure ranging from needle holders, micro needle holders, ligature needles and many more. Our complete range of high quality suture instruments at your disposal ensures a perfect suture every time.


Surtex has developed an unbeatable reputation worldwide for the most competitively priced and high quality dressing tools on the market place. You will be pleased to note we apply the same high standards to these simple instruments as those applied to the most delicate of instruments in our range.


Surtex offers one of the most comprehensive range of orthopedic instruments in the global market place. The aim of these products is to facilitate easier and swift operations that minimize patient's post-operative discomfort. Whether you are looking for specific instruments such as amputation saws, hand drills, mallets and bone cutting forceps or complete orthopedic sets you will find that Surtex instruments is the best orthopedic instrument solutions provider. The choice of material with just the right Rockwell hardness value (HRC) in combination with the manufacturing method provides the osteotomes, chisels etc with their unique cutting properties. Special sharpening techniques allow the instruments to remain sharp for extended periods before they need to be re-sharpened. The handles are ergonomically designed for a firm and comfortable grip. Our range of orthopedic instruments includes and is not limited to the following amputation saws, battery operated drills, bone reamers, bone drills, twist drills, burrs, trephines, wire guides, extension bows, K-Wires, bone holding clamps, wire holding forceps, wire cutting forceps, autopsy instruments, bone chisels, bone osteotomes, bone gouges, bone rasps, bone tempers, bone mallets, bone curettes, periosteal elevators, bone levers, knee retractors, meniscus knives, tendon instruments, bone repositioning instruments, bone holding forceps, bone rongeurs, bone cutting forceps, aluminum hands and nail instruments.


A dermatology practice requires an instrument provider that is fast, reliable and manufactures products of premium quality. This is precisely why dermatologists recommend our dermatology instruments to their colleagues without hesitation. At Surtex Instruments we specialize in scissors, curettes and punches most often used by dermatologists.


Surtex manufactures a broad range of instruments for specialist field of stomach, intestine and rectum surgery. Our range includes but is not limited to the following intestinal and tissue grasping forceps, intestinal clamps, rectal specula, rectal spreaders, anuscope, proctoscopes, rectoscopes, hemorrhoidal ligator & rectal biopsy forceps.


Surtex manufactures a broad range of instruments for specialist field of Liver, Gall Bladder, Kidney and Urology surgery. Our range of liver instruments, gall bladder instruments, kidney instruments and urology instruments includes but is not limited to the following non scalpel vasectomy forceps, kidney stone forceps, nephrostomy forceps, gull duct dilators, gall stone forceps, gall stone scoops, prostate retractors, capsule forceps, urethral sounds, female catheters, urethrotomes, circumcision instruments, urethrography instruments, foreign body instruments, penis clamps & hernia instruments.