Peloris 3

Premium Tissue Processing System
Meet today’s workflow demands and build your lab’s capacity for the future. With a HistoCore PELORIS 3 tissue processor, feel confident with Track and Trace features designed to maximize productivity for efficient and flexible workflow, while maintaining quality.
  • Enhanced workflows and improved user experience with high quality tissue processing
  • Track and trace features enhance and maintain the tissue processing quality
  • Streamline your workflow to make your day more productive with:
  • Dual Retort Design: high-capacity (up to 600 cassettes) & rapid throughput
  • ActivFlo System is engineered to create a reagent vortex to actively accelerate tissue processing
  • None

Ensure User Accountability with Track and Trace

The unique Track and Trace feature has an integrated bar code scanner that records basket IDs, user IDs, and reagent lot numbers. Data is captured in the built-in Reporting Module, which reduces manual documentation and ensures you know who is doing what and when in your lab.

Avoid Reagent Errors with Two Density Meters

Two built-in density meters help limit the risk of lab errors during reagent change. They monitor such changes and alert users if there’s an incorrect concentration to protect the integrity of the tissue. As a result, reagent change errors can be significantly reduced.

Process Tissue Faster

Run two protocols at the same time for faster tissue processing – including biopsy, large tissue, and fatty tissues – and quicker turnaround times overall. Plus, HistoCore PELORIS 3 allows for the use of xylene-free reagents for a healthier lab environment.

Better than Conventional or Microwave Systems

Labs can move beyond conventional or microwave technology with ActivFlo. This unique feature generates ideal processing conditions for all tissue using a reagent vortex to actively accelerate processing through rapid and even-heating, as well as active reagent distribution.