GLOW800 Augmented Reality Fluorescence in AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation) treatment

March 4th 2021

In this case study Prof. Dr. Feres Chaddad talks about the treatment of AVMs. It illustrates how the Augmented Reality Fluorescence GLOW800 can help surgeons during microsurgical resection by providing them with one augmented, real-time view of the cerebral anatomy, augmented by real-time vascular flow. With GLOW800, Dr. Chaddad could instantly assess the flow during the different filling phases of the vessels without interrupting his surgical workflow. He describes how he uses GLOW800 before excluding the AVM from the normal circulation to see the flow running through all the vessels and the AVM. During the resection he was able to quickly assess the impact of clipping or excluding different feeders and fistulas. Following resection he was able to quickly confirm complete exclusion from the normal circulation, patency of the vessels proximal to the lesion and absence of any abnormal early drainage veins using GLOW800.

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