IC-Flow™ Imaging System

IC-Flow™ Imaging System is a small, compact and easy to use handheld device that visualizes and records tissue fluorescence
IC-Flow™ Imaging System, is Diagnostic Green’s CE approved handheld camera, that visualizes and records quality tissue fluorescence for physicians. As an imaging system, it is small, compact, portable and easy to use. It allows physicians to capture and view fluorescent images in the visual assessment of blood flow. The camera is used as an adjunctive method for the evaluation of tissue perfusion, and related tissue-transfer circulation in tissue and free flaps used in plastic, micro-reconstructive surgery, and organ transplant procedures.

Small & Compact

Compact and easily portable, this small yet powerful Imaging System with its unique features has been successfully used to visualize, record and capture key decision making information required intra-operatively for surgeons.

Effective and Safe

The IC-Flow™ Imaging System allows physicians to visualize and assess perfusion intra-operatively when it matters most. Used in conjunction with ICG diagnostic agent, the system involves no ionising radiation and because of the agent’s very short half-life, it allows surgeons to repeat intraoperative perfusion assessment numerous times throughout a surgical procedure. The result, enhanced ability to assess perfusion for improved patient outcomes. Simple and easy to use, this hand held device is right at home in your operating room (OR) as well as an intuitive user interface. Designed to fit into any OR environment, it allows the physician to make decisions during clinical procedures. Surgeons have full control over the acquisition and visualization of images with controls located directly on the hand-held system.