TL3000 Ergo & TL5000 Ergo

Transmitted Light Bases TL3000 Ergo & TL5000 Ergo
Lighting and contrast methods are crucial for experiments and sample inspections of all kinds. They allow recognition of hidden details and help operators to reach the right conclusions. The illumination and contrast options of the TL3000 Ergo & TL5000 Ergo transmitted light bases reveal more structural information in your samples through high resolution (NA 0.73 resp. NA 0.9), high color fidelity, and optimized contrasting.
  • See more details and drive decisions for:
  • Plastics, air inclusions, or silicones in industrial applications
  • Fibers and hair in forensic applications
  • Geological specimens and crystals in earth sciences
  • C. elegans, zebrafish, or oocytes in life sciences
  • None

TL3000 Ergo for manual routines with large fields of view

♦ TL3000 Ergo from Leica stands for intuitive manual operation. Effortlessly pass through the different contrast options: brightfield, Rottermann contrast, or one-sided darkfield. Fine-tuning of the contrast is easy, and all with just a single knob.

The base is fully coded and compatible with Leica software, so all important imaging parameters are saved with your images. This allows you to use the store & recall function of LAS and LAS X software.

1. For life science projects the base also offers:

2. Low autofluorescence under all conditions

3. Passive cooling without fan, maximally 6°C above ambient temperature

4. Seamless integration of incubation systems and stage inserts

Work comfortably with a large field of view

♦ Operators need a large field of view to study entire organisms with high precision. The TL Ergo bases have a large illuminated space of 65 mm allowing to use the full zoom-range even with long working distance objectives.

An ergonomic design and easy-to-use operation concept prevent operator fatigue and assure easy manipulation of the samples.

Customizable to your needs with accessories for the TL bases

♦ Clear glass for standard applications and dust protection

♦ Frosted glass if no TL contrast is desired

♦ Polarization glass e.g. for plastics, crystals, and other birefringent samples

♦ Green glass for special staining and IVF

♦ Halogen conversion filter for c.elegans and IVF