Surgipath Paraplast

Paraffin wax formulations developed with consistent quality and dependability to minimize tissue distortion and provide exceptional compression resistance and ribbon continuity. Featuring a variety of set-point temperatures, additives, and characteristics, there is a paraffin to meet your processing, embedding, and sectioning needs.
  • The Paraplast lines offer quality solutions for standard, low, and high temperature infiltration & embedding.
  • Parablocks, preformed paraffin blocks, are specifically shaped to fit easily into your ASP or PELORIS surgipath tissue processors. No measuring or topping off needed.
  • Additional infiltration & embedding medium options available, including structural support for thin sections and dense tissues.
  • None


♦ Paraplast is recommended for general tissue embedding. It is composed of a refined mixture of highly purified paraffin containing plastic polymers of regulated molecular weights. This supports improved tissue infiltration and quality sections with minimal compression. Paraplast gives brittle, difficult to section tissue an innate elasticity, promoting wrinkle-free sections. 

Paraplast Plus

♦ Paraplast Plus is suggested for large tissue or tissue that may normally present infiltration issues. Paraplast Plus contains a small percentage of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), allowing accelerated tissue penetration. 

Paraplast Xtra

 Paraplast Xtra is recommended for lower temperature infiltration which aids in the prevention of tissue distortion. It is composed of a unique blend of low molecular weight polymers and highly purified paraffins for compression resistance and ribbon continuity. Low viscosity permits complete infiltration of dense tissue.